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Meet Dani Diaz of Thousand Oaks Powersports

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We are so stoked to have Thousand Oaks Powersports on site at Babes in the Dirt 3! Meet Dani Diaz; a member of the Thousand Oaks team. 

How long have you been riding?

I have been riding for little over 2 years

What got you into motorcycles?

When I was younger I had an ex-boyfriend that bought a 2006 YZF R6, being the passenger didn't really appeal to me but just staring at the bike and looking at all the different components on the motorcycle it really appealed to me and it looked really sexy. He did teach me how to ride and let me learn on his motorcycle. Funny story actually, the first time I rode the bike I just shifted perfectly a break perfectly and then before I was going to end the session, I forgot to put my feet on the floor and the bike tipped to its left side and I instantly started crying. He would constantly ask me if I was ok, but I could not care less about me. I cared more about the bike. At that moment I knew I was hooked. 

What bike or bikes do you have?

I have a 2012 R6, bought it from Craigslist with the settlement from the insurance company. I did get my boyfriend at the time a brand new 2014 R1 with cash from a dealership in Arizona. People asked me why, and it's a Long story. 😁 

How long have you been wrenching?

I don't really wrench that much I only do it on my bike once It need some love and servicing.

How did you get into mechanic work?

I got into mechanical work when I started a elective class for small engines in high school. I knewI was a hands-on kind of person and I liked cars and motorcycles so I wanted to see how everything worked. I got to tear down and rebuild lawnmowers, V8's and a small airplane motor. It was one of the most fun learning experience class and I knew from that point that I love to work on motors and anything involved with them.

What is it like working for Thousand Oaks Powersports?

Working for Thousand Oaks Powersports, it's not a job to me, it's more of just having fun. The fact that I get to look at bikes every day makes my day. Helping other motorcycle enthusiasts helping them get them back on their bike after them being fixed warms my heart. The fact that I get to look at bikes every day is a plus. Also, I get to work with the most amazing, friendly, outgoing, funny and smart people. They are not only my coworkers but they are my family and they make me smile, so I try to make them smile and laugh with my loud and weird self. Another thing is that we go another step further and put our time towards all bikes that come out of the shop by cleaning and polishing the bike before the owner picks up. Little things like that.

How long have you worked there?

I have worked there since October 2015

What is your favorite part about working there?

My favorite part is being able to help with someone's bike that is having issues and having them come back to me happy when picking up their bikes knowing that their bikes will run better than before and will be able to run for thousands of miles.

I've been in a couple situations where I could not be able to ride my bike and its very depressing for me at least. But the fact that I can help with lifting the weight off the shoulders when their bike is down by having the bike fixed at the shop.

How did you here about Babes in the Dirt?

Mark from Thousand Oaks Powersports had told me about babes in the dirt but unfortunately I couldn't go out to some of the rides because of my work schedule. 

What recommendations do you have for riders transitioning from street to dirt or dirt to street?

I will say to a new rider that you will go down at least once. Could be a tip over, could be a lay down or crash. You just have to be alert at all times around you to prevent any incidents.



Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 | Big Indian River Route

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The fun doesn't stop when you arrive at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2. This is a true riding event which means the campsite vacates during the day as we provide multiple riding routes for you to enjoy. Feel free to create your own adventure, but these curated routes were hand picked by our very own Virginia Cagney aka @virninja who knows the Catskills like the back of her hand. 

Introducing Big Indian River Route

  • 142 mile round trip
  • Suggested gas stop Margaretville (multiple gas options along the way and make sure to have enough to get through the Frost Valley section) 
  • Suggested lunch stop Roscoe Diner in Roscoe NY
  • Points of interest includes Bethel Woods site of 1969's historic Woodstock, scenic bridge over reservoir with plenty of lake views and stops, and beautiful shaded scenery through Big Indian Wilderness. 










Rachel Cravens and Her Triumph Thruxton

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I’m Rachel Cravens from Cambridge Massachusetts. I was born and raised in California, but I didn't get into riding motorcycles until I was a hardened New Englander! ( kicks self repeatedly) I've been riding for 10 years now.  I keep a bike on the road year round to take advantage of those occasional awesome winter days... and because I don't own a car...

I caught the bug after my first time on the back of a sport bike my husband brought home, and I had my own bike later that year.  Life was pretty wild at that time, and riding actually helped me center myself, and learn mindfulness. Going for a ride is still the best medicine for clearing my head and doing some meditation. And it's the best way to see, smell, feel, and taste the world!

The bikes I have had over the years are; 1986 Suzuki Savage 650, 2002 Ducati monster S4, 2009 Triumph Thruxton 900, 2012 Triumph Daytona 675, and a 2013 Suzuki DR 650.  I'm currently riding the Suzuki DR and the Thruxton. 

Triumph motorcycles originally attracted me with their looks, I'm not gonna lie, but these babies are reliable too! The Thruxton just hit 26,000 miles, woo! He's really the best all around bike I could ask for, perfect for city hooliganing and long slab rides, but I needed a track day toy too, and the Daytona is my ideal modern sport bike with minimal electronic rider aid interference.  Its screamingly fast and confidence inspiring, and I always feel connected to the machine and the road. Both Thruxton and Daytona ride smooth as butter and sound like purring jungle cats!  I am also looking into acquiring a Triumph Tiger for the next big riding adventure in my life, touring with my daughter! (when she's big enough)

I rode the Suzuki DR to last years Babes Ride Out East Coast, and I am so excited to ride the Thruxton this year! There will be like 12 girls on Triumph bonnies and scramblers all leaving from the Boston area and we are really looking forward to rolling into camp together along with 40 or so others in our local crew! BRO is pretty much the best thing ever.  As someone who spent years riding with mostly guys ( I still love you too, guys) the dynamic of all us girls just being awesome with our bikes in the woods, by ourselves and for ourselves is a magical feeling. One of my favorite moments from the first night in camp, when a group of total strangers walked by my friends and I and said " hey wanna come shotgun beers with us?" Yes please. 

My recommendations for new riders... invest in real riding gear and wear it, learn how to wrench on and maintain your bike, live on your bike...and you will find the secret of happiness.


To grab a ticket to Babes Ride Out East Coast click HERE

To learn more about the Triumph Thruxton click HERE

To learn more about the Triumph Daytona click HERE

To find a Triumph Dealer and test ride a bike click HERE

Red Wing Women's Heritage Collection | Joy Lewis Talks Boots and Her Visit to the Red Wing Factory

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Name – Joy Lewis
Location – Ventura, CA

What kind of bike do you ride? 

My daily bikes are all 60s Triumphs – I mix it up between my little 200cc Cub, my 500 and a couple of 650s mostly because they shift on the right side and I don’t do so well with my left foot these days. I like to say if it’s old and British, I’ll ride it (though I don’t know that my English husband appreciates me calling him old.)

 Photo by Jenny Linquist

Photo by Jenny Linquist

 Photo by Jenny Linquist 

Photo by Jenny Linquist 

Describe your personal style / what are your ‘go to’ daily clothing items?

Because I’m on a bike everyday I’m always wearing jeans and boots with either some vintage dealer or race tee and a neckerchief. My go to pieces are my Atwyld commuter or shred jeans and Red Wing mocs. 

Tell us about your trip to Red Wing, MN:

Last fall while out in Minnesota for work I was able to sneak in a factory tour for myself and a couple of equally enthusiastic boot wearing coworkers. Armed with earplugs and safety glasses we stepped into the factory and were immediately greeted with that familiar smell of leather and a massive stack of hides. The first shoulder we peeked over was the only person using what I would consider ‘modern technology’ in the whole place. This person laid out each hide on a giant drafting table and used a laser pen to digitally map every flaw. The hide was then passed on to their counterpart who overlaid digital ‘patterns’ like a game of Tetris - careful to avoid the flaws but use up as much of the hide as possible, limiting the amount of scrap. From here we went station to station and watched the boot gradually come together. Most impressive to me wasn’t that the bulk of the employees had been there for more than 20 years, it was that they had been doing the same job for that whole time. One guy we chatted with had been pounding the same nail into boots for all of his 31 years at the company. 
One highlight was seeing the repair department where they bring shitty old worn out boots back to life. The team is only made up of a few people but they get through hundreds of repairs a day, ranging from simple clean/conditions to resoles to customizing boots for special needs – like if you have one leg that is a couple inches shorter than the other. 

 Kinda had to do it....

Kinda had to do it....

How did that tour change your perspective on footwear and the production of boots?

 At some point during the tour when we realized what a manual process it was and how many hands touched each boot, my friend said he would never be able to buy another brand of boots. We all agreed and while I’m not advocating for a price jump, if they were double the price I’d still say they were worth every penny.

What is it about Red Wing Heritage that you appreciate the most?

When you visit the Red Wing factory it is immediately clear that the company is rooted in the working world. There wasn’t a single person building those boots that thought about whether or not they were trendy – they were thinking about what oil prices were doing and worrying about their customers being laid off across the country. I appreciate that the Red Wing Heritage designers are looking to the company’s history to make functional boots, built with the same attention to detail and durability that Red Wing has always been known for.  

 Joy's Red Wing Mocs | Photo by Jenny Linquist

Joy's Red Wing Mocs | Photo by Jenny Linquist

You wear both mens and womens Red Wing Heritage, what do you find the main differences are?

I have a couple pairs of the men’s boots from before women’s came out and the standout difference to me is the break-in process. The lady boots are instantly comfortable and form to your feet right away whereas the dude boots take some easing into (I recommend thick socks and break-in shifts). One of my favorite fun facts about the girl boots is they’re made from girl cows because the leather is softer and breaks in more easily. Obviously Red Wing calls them heifer hides but I like telling people that they’re designed by girls, for girls and even made of girl cows!

Can you share a favorite memory you have from a motorcycle trip?

Ha! So many come to mind but because we’re talking boots… while in Red Wing, I was able to grab a bite with the director of product creation for Red Wing Heritage. We were sharing upcoming travel plans and found that both of us were headed to Japan the next month – totally unrelated. Fast forward to Halloween in Tokyo - I was finishing up a shoot with BMW in some PACKED alley in Shibuya – I stepped off the bike and before I could take my helmet off I was standing face to face with that same gal – WHAT THE F ARE THE CHANCES?!! We were both giddy about the coincidence – what a world we live in!!

 Ice cream pit stops (always a good idea) Joy head to toe in Red Wing and ATWYLD

Ice cream pit stops (always a good idea) Joy head to toe in Red Wing and ATWYLD

To see the entire Women's Heritage Collection click HERE

Sign Ups | Husqvarna Bike Demo | Babes in the Dirt 3

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Husqvarna Motorcycles will be joining us at Babes in the Dirt 3 with the fleet of demo bikes. If you have not had the chance to try out one of these amazing machines this is your opportunity. Names will be added to the list in the order the e-mails are received. See below on how to sign up and make sure you read all info before signing up!

E-Mail the following info to:

Title your e-mail: HUSKY DEMOS

Include the below info:

Full name:

Email Address:

Riding Ability: Beginner / Training Course Preferred / Intermediate / Advanced?

Arrival Time:

Demo rides start Friday at 2pm and end Sunday at 11am you will assigned a time slot so make sure you are available during those days and hours. Sorry, no time slot requests and no bike requests.

All info on bike demos, bikes and instructors can be found HERE. Read carefully before signing up.

In order to participate in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Demo Program you must be 21+ years or older and bring the following::

1.       Government issued photo ID

2.       Signed Waiver Release Form (this will be provided at the booth)

3.       Proper riding gear including but not limited to:

•        DOT approved helmet

•        Goggles

•        Motorcycle gloves

•        Motorcycle jersey or approved long sleeves

•        Motorcycle riding pants

•        Boots (Full length not work boots)

Head to Husqvarna booth to check in once you arrive.

If you have made the sign-up list you will receive and email confirmation by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17

If you have not made the sign-up list you will receive and email by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17. Definitely still stop by the Husqvarna booth and say hi and check out the bikes. They will have open demo rides on Sunday morning for those who missed out.









Sally Lyndley & Her Stetson

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With over 150 years of rich history behind them, Stetson is an iconic American brand that is ever evolving and forever timeless. From true western cowboys, to Hollywood elite to U.S. presidents, these hats have brimmed the heads of many throughout history. We are proud to be supported by Stetson and show you a glimpse of the women in our community that have  a true personal connection to this brand. - Babes Ride Out

When I first saw Sally Lyndley in her Tom Mix Stetson hat dressed head to toe in her moto leathers I took a few steps backward in awe. This is a woman that knows style more than the average Jane, having worked as a fashion stylist for several years. This particular look was so rad that I immediately pulled her aside to ask her about her hat. We recently caught up with Sally to ask her more about her favorite moto adventures, style, and her love for Stetson. See you at Babes Ride Out East Coast Sally!!!

Name: Sally Lyndley

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

What kind of bike do you ride? 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King Custom & 2000 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster customized into a scrambler

Tell us about how you got into riding motorcycles: After 2000 miles on the back of my boyfriend's rigid shovelhead chopper, I knew I needed to get my own bike.  I met Ashmore Ellis at Born Free in Cali and she told me about Babes Ride Out.  Made a promise to myself then and there to get my license for BRO 2013 Joshua Tree. Been riding like a maniac ever since.

How has Babes Ride Out and the community impacted your life? When I attended my first BRO in 2013, I had my license and had bought my 883 Sportster but I wasn’t able to ride it to Joshua Tree.  So I went in my truck.  I thought the ladies would be bitchy with me because I wasn’t riding. Quite the opposite!! Every babe was so rad! I learned so much about my bike, safety and riding that weekend in 2013. I met so many awesome women!! I have never been friends with girls in my life.  And now after being apart of the BRO community, these women have become my best friends! Finally found my tribe!!! So many smart ladies in awesome successful lives from all walks of life.  I love it.  I get emotional riding into the Babes Ride Out Events, overwhelmingly happy.  It’s like babe moto summer camp every time! 

Can you share a favorite memory you have from a Babes Ride Out event? Dancing to the Prince cover band this past year was EPIC.  Especially because it came after an awesome day of riding with my best girlfriends!!  The riding at Babes East Coast was breathtaking too! Super awesome memories of flying through the mountains of Pennsylvania with one of my best friends to get to Babes East Coast.  That trip will go down in history for me.  

What is your dream motorcycle trip? Well, my boyfriend and I have started to plan to ride in every country in the world.  That’s our dream.  First, we will hit Morocco on dirt bikes, next Bali to see the Deus crew and surf too and then I am dying to ride Thailand.  We will cover the globe slowly but surely on whatever bikes we can get our hands on. 

Describe your personal style:  Right now, Space Cowgirl.  My personal style changes on a regular basis.  Space Cowgirl is what I am feeling for now, probably will change next year though.  Or maybe this theme will stick.  Atwyld is my go to riding gear, which I love, and it’s super clean and modern looking.  I add the cowgirl with western accessories, like my beaded big buckle belt, ankle or full cowboy boots and my cowboy hat.  My Texas upbringing is influencing my style for the first time ever.  I have avoided the cowboy look all of my life, because growing up in Texas, I was a punk and didn’t want anything to do with my heritage. Now I am obsessed with it.  So funny how that works!

How did you first hear about Stetson? Welllllll..... I have grown up with Stetson.  Stetson IS the uniform for real cowboys.  Stetson hats are the best!  Totally legit. I was born and raised in Garland, Texas where they still hand make their hats.  I wore a Stetson in the high school talent show when I,2 stepped danced. 

What drew you to the Tom Mix? Years ago, I bought a Stetson 10X Straw Cowboy hat with the taco roll I still love and wear to this day when my BF hasn’t stolen it. It’s my summer hat. Then my other everyday go to is the Tom Mix in silver belly.  That is my JAM.  I love it so much I ordered it in black last week too.  I am really tall and the Tom Mix is a giant hat so the proportion fits me perfectly.  These hats from Stetson are so beautifully made, still handmade in my home town!! So rad.  Tom Mix was the “King of Cowboys” mega star actor from 1909-1935 who helped create the Western genre in film.  He discovered John Wayne. He made 291 silent films, total legend.  He was an expert shooter, horseman and roper, the real deal. He was a pallbearer at Wyatt Earp’s funeral.  He was an honorary Texas Ranger.   When he got bored with Hollywood, he joined the circus performing cowboy stunts.  My obsession with the man is real.  So it’s an honor to sport the hat Stetson made for him.  Stoked Stetson is still making this iconic style! 

How does wearing a hat make you feel? Like a Space Cowgirl.  A proud Space Cowgirl. Whenever I wear my Tom Mix Stetson so many people of all types come up to ask me about it.   It’s fun to tell people about the hat and it’s heritage and the look is so rad.  My Tom Mix looks like it could be straight from the Givenchy runway too.  I also love that Stetson is a nod to my heritage. Super important to me.   The Tom Mix is definitely part of my uniform now.  I feel naked without it. I am customizing a tour pack for my Road King to hold my hat on moto trips now!