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Getting Lost Isn't a Thing Anymore | A Day Riding Connected Through the Catskills with Sena

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Riding in new territory, especially the Catskills, when roads often have multiple names since they were forged hundreds of years ago can be a nightmare. Thankfully we had our Senas with us to make the route a breeze. Read on to see where we wandered during Babes Ride Out East Coast 3. 

 Setting up and synching our Senas

Setting up and synching our Senas

After we selected our destination for the day, Dundas Castle, we synced up our Sena Bluetooth sets, tapped in the directions, and felt confident we'd make it to our destination, first stop, world famous Roscoe Diner for lunch. 

 Best diner in NY! Roscoe's Famous Diner

Best diner in NY! Roscoe's Famous Diner

Babes Ride Out East Coast

The roads were a little  bet up from the harsh winter the east coast had received. Our ride lead was able to communicate dangers well in advance. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast

Once we made it to Roscoe we enjoyed one of the best diner experiences. With a full stomach we were bound and determined to find the infamous Dundas Castle. The area the castle is located is thick with trees, so much in fact you can't see the stones of the house because it blends in so seamlessly with it's environment. Even with directions, we got lost. The best part about it is that even though we split up from the group to try and located this place, we were able to stay synced to our group via Sena Bluetooth.

 If you are going to get turned around... this is a great place to do it! 

If you are going to get turned around... this is a great place to do it! 

 Being able to communicate "where should we go next" is simply the best

Being able to communicate "where should we go next" is simply the best

Being able to stay connected, even when lost, was a true blast. Once we decided to turn around and head in a different direction, we quickly came up on the castle. Of course it was in the last diection we tried. 

 Dundas Castle is a historic house in Roscoe, New York modeled after Dundas Castle. It is also known as "Craig-E-Clare". It was built between 1915 and 1924 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Dundas Castle is a historic house in Roscoe, New York modeled after Dundas Castle. It is also known as "Craig-E-Clare". It was built between 1915 and 1924 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Finding our way winding through the Catskills was a blast and it was even more sharing instant laughs, "look outs", and jokes along the way. Cheers to staying connected!

Photos By: Maddy Talias

It's Cool | The Triumph Motorcycles Bonneville Bobber

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 Photo By Maddy Talias

Photo By Maddy Talias

Every kind of motorcycle appeals to different people for different reasons. So many things factor in to the final decision of which bike you choose to make your own. I have been lucky enough to get to ride a fairly wide variety of Triumph Motorcycles over the past few years and they all inspire a certain kind of riding and make you feel a certain kind of way. I got to spend some time on the Speed Triple when I was in the UK and that made me feel super fast and nimble and inspired a more aggressive style of riding.  The Street Scrambler is so light and has plenty of power so I cannot help but want to find me a fire road to explore. Well recently I was able to ride the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black  through the Catskills on the East Coast.

The term “Bobber” refers to the stripped back style of motorcycle that was originally called a “bob-Job”. The rigid frame and shortened wheel base results in a lower, shorter machine. Like many styles of bike, the inspiration came from the race bikes of the 1930’s and was taken to the streets in the garages and shops of the average rider. The custom scene grabbed a hold of these “bob-job” style bikes and made it their own, as they do. Popular in the Hot Rod scene and always reflecting a home-built modified aesthetic; it wasn’t until the 1990’s that a commercially produced Bobber style motorcycle hit the market.

 Photo by Maddy Talias

Photo by Maddy Talias

Here we are in 2018 with this lean mean Bobber version of the Bonneville from Triumph Motorcycles. The stats are all HERE if you want to geek out. Walking up to this bike for the first time it dawned on me that I had never actually rode a rigid frame motorcycle. The Triumph Bobber does have a mono-shock suspension so it is not truly a rigid bike but it still has that sweeping diagonal line between the steering head and the rear axle.  The low seat height was pretty nice and definitely one of  the first things I noticed once I sat on it. The forward controls took a minute for me to get used to, as always. Overall the bike was really comfortable.

As we took off for the ride to a haunted castle ( standard Catskills kind of adventure ) I realized how cool I felt on that bike. I know that is an extremely uncool thing to say, but it’s true. I felt cool. There is something about the stretched out body positioning that looks like you are just rippin’ without a care in the world. The blacked out paint job is pretty bad ass and the 1200 cc motor leaves nothing to be desired. No matter where we stopped ( a diner, a gas station, roadside ) people would come over to check out the bike and have all kinds of questions. This definitely added to the “me feeling cool” factor. I personally really dig that there is not really an option for a back seat. This bike is for one rider and one rider only which I think is pretty damn sweet. It’s about your own independence. I had an absolute blast on this bike.

I know that many people ride motorcycles for many different reasons. They are dangerous and the decision to ride can not to be taken lightly. Motorcycles can fill your life with so much thrill and excitement.  I cannot bring myself to believe that looking cool is not at least a tiny bit part of it for nearly everyone, whether they admit it or not.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel cool even if maybe I don’t look cool on nearly every bike that I have ridden. This does not make up the vast majority of the reason I choose to ride but I'm sure it's in there. There is nothing wrong with feeling cool on a motorcycle, as long as you have the skill, training and responsibility to go with it. Cool is a state of mind anyway isn’t it?

 Photo by Maddy Talias

Photo by Maddy Talias

If you want to know more about the Triumph Bonneville Bobber you can click HERE

To find a dealer near you and test ride click HERE

Moto F.A.M Raffle Heats Up at Babes Ride OUt East Coast 3 Thanks to Our Generous Contributors!

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We are so excited to welcome Moto F.A.M back to host our annual raffle at Babes Ride out East Coast 3. Everyone who attends gets (1) raffle ticket with the ability to buy as many as they want! We can't thank these brand enough for so generously donating to the event. So where does this $$ go? Half of the funds gathered go to helping fallen riders to ease the stresses accidents can cause, the other half to helping disaster victims, shelters, and other charities that focus on humanitarianism (and the the 4 legged kind too). As you can see, every single dime goes into help someone else. Thanks to these contributors and you, a huge impact will be made in honor of our community and that's something to celebrate! 


Moto F. A. M. raises money several different ways throughout the year. We team up with different motorcycle shops, companies and motorcycle related events to raise money. We also take monetary donations from companies and individuals that believe in the work we do. This allows us to donate $500 to each rider that qualifies for help. Once we donate we post the riders fundraising campaign information on our social media & website, so that our supporters may also make a donation to the rider in need.  

uring this process we help partner up riders requesting help with other riders that have already been through an accident & the recovery process. That way they can hopefully ease the stress of the situation and offer them support through the process. 

Lastly we have been working hard to find ways to increase riders safety and work towards accident prevention. Starting January 2018 we will be hosting and funding Advanced Rider Training courses. More information will be provided soon. 

We are always working on new ways to help improve the riding community and the way we impact it. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

Slow & Low Rides Into BRO EC3 Sans Motorcycle… and we're not mad about it.

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There's nothing better than returning from a beautiful day on the road to gather with rad babes around a campfire, cocktail in hand - talking about life, singing some songs and letting the everyday woes fade into the mountains.

Thankfully for us, the whiskey-slinging gals from Slow & Low will be on-site with their custom 1978 Chevy G20 to make Babes Ride Out EC3 more memorable than ever before.

Babes Ride Out East Coast Slow and Low

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the Slow & Low van during its US cross-country tour over the last year, you should know, this is no ordinary vehicle on wheels.

This tricked-out Chevy is a fully operational rolling cocktail lounge complete with a handcrafted walnut bar featuring a keg of Slow & Low (yes, a keg of whiskey), leather bench seating, a booming sound system (make your requests now) and orange tufted paneling, because why wouldn't it?

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Slow and Low

Starting Friday night, Slow & Low will provide the ideal space to kick-back and relax, catch up with old friends and make new ones while sipping on the perfect elixir to build up your courage for our karaoke party! Not to mention - the set-up makes for a really sweet photo opp.

All attendees are encouraged to visit the Slow & Low mobile whiskey lounge Friday and Saturday during Babes Ride Out EC3. Learn why they call Slow & Low Rock & Rye, "Liquid Sunshine," score some swag, take some pictures, and make some memories.

Babes Ride Out East Coast Slow and Low

Babes interested in learning more about Slow & Low can connect with the brand on their Instagram and Facebook channels - rumor has it, they will be announcing some special BRO partnerships and giveaways too.

Looking to try some liquid sunshine before EC3? Try a Slow & Low whiskey lemonade at home.

SLOW POISON (recipe by Slow & Low)

Slow & Low Lemonade

  • 2 oz. Slow & Low
  • 1 oz.  freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • .5 oz. simple syrup or agave nectar

Shake and strain into a collins glass over fresh ice with a lemon slice garnish.

Can’t make it to BRO EC3? Meet up with the Slow & Low van at upcoming 2018 events in cities including: Chicago, NYC, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and more... Learn more at:

 In route! See ya at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3! 

In route! See ya at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3! 



The Best Tips for Riding in the Rain via Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

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We hit up our friends at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to get their top 5 pieces of advice for riding in the rain. They gave us 6! If you are heading out this weekend, make sure to read through this helpful advice. 

  1. Check  your tires and ensure they are ready for rain aka no slick
  2. Eyes on the road! Avoid potholes and anything that is "kinda" slippery (white paint lines) as they will be super slippery when wet. Rainbow colored areas mean oil and nothing is more slippery than that. Railways are also slippery so take them straight on 
  3. Give yourself plenty of space between cars and other riders. Usually you can find a drier line so make sure to pay attention to where that is. 
  4. Invest in bright rain gear with reflective striping. Any High Vis is better than no vis! We also recommend using a clear shield with anti fog. This will GREATLY help with visibility. 
  5. Take your time! It's totally ok to slow down and be more careful in all of your movements. 
  6. Ride smarter.  Be aware of your throttle control and brake earlier than normal. By using the rear brake a little more than the front, you'll be able to correct errors with less risk of going down. 

And lastly, don't forget to sign up for FREE roadside assistance

Be prepared! Sign up for Free Emergency Roadside Assistance from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to and from the event through the link below.  Join the largest network of riders helping riders in the world! BAM membership (for motorcyclists only) offers the following for life:

- Help with delivery of gas, tools, or parts if you are stranded with your bike on the side of the road 

- Free tow to a nearby shop in an emergency

- Motorcycle storage for a few days in an emergency situation,

- Free Legal Advice!  

Click below to get your membership card, it's quick and easy.

Babes Ride Out

Real Deal Moto Show | BRO East Coast III

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babes ride out

RealDeal is all about revolutionizing the perception of skilled trades... and women’s roles in them. Not only do we set up our tools at bike/trade/car/career shows and excite people about trying a new skill, we encourage them to take those abilities and apply them to their own custom creations. Our motorcycles (furniture, jewelry, hot rods, etc) should highlight our uniqueness and ability to create. 

This year at BRO East III, Friday evening from 5-7pm we will be holding the RealDeal Moto Show! Simply stop by our booth and register your moto :) We had such a such a great turnout at BRO5 with almost 40 bikes registered, we are really looking forward to seeing what the East Coast style is all about! Shine up your scooter, install those fancy parts, make that sissy bar, or maybe even give her a new paint job AND sign up on site when you arrive to Narrowsburg for either the chopper, vintage or modern class. RealDeal will also select our favorite bike that exudes quality custom touches. 

Taking it to another level, as we teach MIG welding and pinstriping during BRO East III, you babes will put your new skills to use by building the custom trophies for the winners of the moto show!