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Babes Ride Out 6 Tickets Are L-I-V-E

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Babes Ride Out has once again rented out the entire 40 acres of Joshua Tree Lake Campground this year to produce our largest event yet, Babes Ride Out 6. Join us for 4 days and 3 nights in beautiful Joshua Tree California for the world’s largest ladies only riding event and motorcycle campout. ALL street legal bikes are welcome as well as cars, trucks, toy haulers, and RVs. Limited space available! 

**Event is ladies only, 21 +. Tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances. Tickets can be transferred by the buyer up until Oct 16th 12:00 pm. Babes Ride Out is not responsible for transferring tickets. Please read FAQ at bottom of page before purchasing** Event is rain or shine. 

Babes Ride Out 6 Ticket Price Includes:

  • 4 days and 3 nights of tent camping (you must bring your own sleeping bag, tent, etc)

  • FREE giftbags to the first registered riders

  • 1 Babes Ride Out 6 event patch

  • Biltwell route maps that will take you on some of the most beautiful roads you have ever seen

  • Free 805 Beer until it runs out

  • Free Sailor Jerry with mix drinks until it runs out

  • FREE drinkable water all weekend thanks to our “Hydration Stations”

  • Karaoke Party on Thurs hosted by Kara K

  • DJ dance party Friday night, start working on your "dance off" moves

  • Yacht Rock Party Sat night with live perfomaces by Yachty by Nature! 

  • 1 Raffle ticket to some insane prizes with the chance to purchase as many tickets as you want

  • Moto games with prizes galore

  • Makers Market! Bring items to be customized (helmets, denim, leather)

  • I.AM.THE.REAL.DEAL hands on classes (tank painting, welding, iron work!)

  • I.AM.THE.REAL.DEAL BIKE SHOW! (every bike is welcome to enter! Show off your ride!)

  • Tons of giveaways from our sponsors

  • Bathrooms, showers, and plenty of T.P

  • 4,000 square ft. of shaded area within the festival space

  • Carpeted hang out zones with outdoor furniture to lounge with your BFFS

  • “Cool Down” stations to beat the heat

  • Access to multiple food trucks with food for purchase (please check blogs closer to event to see menus for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and of course the non healthy stuff too)

  • THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE and so much more!


Babes Ride Out 6 is proudly sponsored by Triumph MotorcylesBiltwellATWYLDSENAI AM THE REAL DEALMoto F.A.M and 805 Beer


Is my registration/ticket refundable or transferable?

We are not able to refund any tickets under any circumstances, we have to pay for you to attend whether you do or don’t. You, the buyer, can transfer the ticket up until Oct 16th 12:00 pm. Babes Ride Out is not responsible for transferring your ticket. The name on the ticket must match the new registrant so please check with them to ensure they received the ticket after you transfer it. Can’t figure out how to transfer, click HERE, we promise it’s very easy to do.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

You must be 21+ to attend (sorry, permits) and no pets! If you have a service dog, please contact us at

I see ticket prices went up a few bucks this year, what gives?

Correct! Every year we learn something new and this past year we realized we needed many things to ensure everyone is properly taken care of. Here are just a few: This year we added a professional security team to ensure everyone has the best possible time while staying safe on site. This 24 hour security is ran through the entire event and there to protect you, the property, but won’t be a bummer (we promise). The site rental fee went up exponentially since we have to rent the entire 40 acre space for a full week to set up, have the event, break down, and then clean up the event (yikes!). We are bringing in a recycling team to help organize and sort trash to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, permits costs go up as we grow, EVERYONE gets a free patch that attends, and we have to add more everything (toilet paper, cleanings, staff, lighting, etc). We want to remain transparent with all of our guests on this year’s raised cost of $5 per ticket to the event. As you can see, you definitely will get your $’s worth and we pride ourselves on producing this event as cost effectively as we can. If you have any questions or concerns on how your ticket funds are used, we are more than happy to answer them for you. Email us .

What is up with food & water?

We will have multiple food options, expresso/coffee drinks, green jucies, smoothies, other non alcoholic beverages, and a full bar on site for purchase on site. We cater to vegans, gluten free folks, vegetarians, and those who love comfort foods as well. We have FREE all you can drink water and hydration stations on the grounds to ensure you stay hydrated. There is also a camp store on site that sells everything under the sun (snacks, ice, wood, sunscreens, chapstick, everything!). Town is 7 miles away and features restaurants, grocery store, Walmart, and more. 

Can I take photos, video, do social media takeovers for a magazine, brand, blog etc?

That is AWESOME and we’d love to hear more! Babes Ride Out is a private event and we do the best we can not to distract our guests so they can have the best time possible. If you want to shoot the event in any way for a media source, a brand, or other non-personal use, please email for permission as no commercial photography or video of any kind is allowed unless approved by BRO. Images for your own use are 100% awesome and appreciated! No need to ask if it’s for yourself and/or personal social media, we only ask that you be respectful to the other attendees :)

What are my transport/parking options at the event?

Motorcycles will be in one section and cars, trucks, trailers, & RVs in another. No vehicles will be allowed to enter motorcycle parking for safety reasons but you can easily walk over camping gear if you are hauling it for a friend. Camping and parking for all vehicles will be first come first serve. There will be dedicated staff to lead you into the area once you arrive and show you were to set up. RVs will be stacked as they arrive, no spot holding or dedicated spot #s, thanks for your understanding on this. 

What ticket type do I buy? Looks kinda confusing!

NO problem! We can break this down easily for you :)

  • Motorcyclist Ticket - This IS a ticket to the event. This ticket is for those who plan on riding their own moto to the event. Hell yeah!

  • Non Motorcyclist Ticket- This IS a ticket to the event. This ticket is for those who are not operating a moto and will be a passenger on a moto, in a car, truck, or in a RV.

  • Car / Truck Parking Fee - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each car or truck must purchase this parking pass for their 4 wheel vehicle to park on the property during the event. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door.

  • Truck & Trailer Parking Fee - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each truck or car that will be towing a motorcycle trailer needs to purchase this parking pass for vehicle and trailer to park on the property during the event. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door.

  • 30 ft / 40 ft RV and Toy Hauler Parking Fee (electrical & water hookups included) - This is NOT a ticket to the event. Each RV or Toy hauler that is being towed in by a truck needs to purchase this pass to bring their RV and Toy Hauler on site. Electrical and water hooks ups will be available to you. If you do not need the hook ups, the price does not change. Make sure that you and all of your passengers have either a Motorcyclist Ticket or Non Motorcyclist Ticket to the event as these are not sold at the door.

Please email if you have any questions. We do encourage you to ride your own moto to the event to save in costs but understand that is not always an option.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Bring everything you need to be comfortable camping under the stars! We will have a suggested packing list posting soon. Feel free to bring your own food for cooking, alcohol, non alcohol, whatever you like! Friendly reminder that town is 7 miles away and has a grocery store :) 

Please do not bring people who did not buy a ticket, boyfriends, husbands, animals, kids, signs/banners, eazy ups (sorry! it obstructs the natural beauty of the camp and it is far too windy), fireworks, items to vend, handouts like stickers, buttons, flyers as we end up spending hours picking up these items off the desert floor. Leave no trace :) Our security will be on patrol so please be kind when they ask you to put these items away or ask your uninvited "friend" to leave. The last thing we want to do is be difficult but we want EVERYONE to have fun, not just you :)

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We will have you on our guest list so no need to waste paper. However, if you feel better about printing it, you can :) We will recycle it on site.

What is the refund policy?

100% NO REFUNDS under no circumstance as this is a self-funded event. 

The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

The name on the ticket MUST match the person attending. You can buy a ticket for a friend but make sure the ticket is in their name. HOWEVER, if you bought a ticket for a friend under your name and not theirs, they can still get in, but you’d need to arrive together. No nicknames on tickets, we have 0 idea who “Speedy Susanna” is. 

I bought a moto ticket and now driving / I bought a non moto ticket and now I am riding. What do I do?

Nothing :) Both are tickets to the event. You do have the ability to change the ticket type if you want to by following the transfer instructions and clicking on the "ticket type" while editing. If you are driving, make sure to pick up a car pass / truck x trailer pass / or RV based on how you are arriving on 4 wheels

Katie McCanna and her Triumph Bonneville T120

PeopleAnya Violet
 Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

babes ride out

Name: Katie McCanna ava @unicornfancy

Location: San Diego, Ca

Where are you from? I’m one of the rare and elusive San Diego natives.

How long have you been riding motorcycles? 6 Years

Why do you ride?

I grew up around motorcycles - my dad always rode Harleys (red ones) and my mom always rode on the back. While I had been on the back of motorcycles as a kid and teen, I wasn’t really interested in them until the day my boyfriend (now husband) took me down to a big parking lot to goof around on his 1969 Honda CD175 (that’s not a typo - CD is the Canadian model). As soon as I figured out the clutch, I was hooked. I bought my own bike and got my license within a month, and I haven’t gone longer than a week without being on the bike since then. I’m now so deeply obsessed that I have 3 bikes and run the women’s motorcycle blog with my platonic life partner Sanna - one of the original 50 Babes Ride Out attendees.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past if any.

My first bike was a 1981 Suzuki GS450 that I bought at a swap meet for $800. I put new tires on it, got it registered, and rode it for about 6 months before deciding I wanted something I could ride on the highway at more than 65 mph. I picked up a used 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 (a yellow one) - which was an ambitious choice for a second bike. I was a little worried that I was going to die every time I rode it, so about a year later I sold that bike and got a 2014 Triumph Street Triple R. I LOVED that bike - it was the perfect balance between a sport bike and a standard and I felt totally at home on it from day one. Buuuuttttttt - that’s the bike I rode to MY first Babes Ride Out and I realized that it wasn’t giving me what I wanted in a motorcycle. I loved the experience of riding somewhere with my stuff and exploring the world by motorcycle, and while it’s totally possible to do that on a naked sport bike, I was ready for something more practical.

What bike do you ride now?

My everyday (literally) ride is my 2017 Triumph Bonneville T-120. I bought it from San Diego Triumph and traded in my Street Triple (like 20 miles before the 12k service light was going to turn on). I knew I wanted something that had enough power and sporty enough handling to keep me engaged after two sport bikes, but I also wanted a flat seat and room for luggage. I thought briefly about the Street Twin line, but something about that 1200 motor just totally caught me. I love how it sounds and how it pulls off the line while still looking like a classic bike.

In a weird twist - I also happened across a 1972 Triumph T-120, so I’m in the process of rewiring that and getting it running again too. And - also - I have a ¾ built 1975 Honda CB360 in my dining room I should probably finish.

What first attracted you to Triumph?

My very first Triumph appealed to me because it was different. I’d been looking at sport bikes and it's a sea of GSXRs and R6s out there, so the Daytona stood out.  I like my vehicles to be reliable, sporty, fun, and head turners, and each of my Triumphs have been each of those things. (Except the ‘72, which isn’t running right now, but it’s hard to blame the bike for that.)

How did you know it was the bike for you?

I wanted something that could keep up with me - I loved the Street Triple but sport bikes need more frequent service and I never went to the track to really test my skill on it. I ride a lot of miles in a year, and I need a bike that isn’t going to quit on me 2 years into our relationship or require a $1000 in service every 10 months. I also wanted a bike I could commute on and hit the twisties with in addition to taking epic road trips loaded down with gear. Something I knew I could ride 300 mile days on without being too beat up by the posture. The Bonneville does all of that for me - though I have added a few accessories to make her my own. The fairing and sissy bar are not popular choices for the Triumph classic line, but they make it easier for me to ride more miles. Plus my bike stands out in a parking lot now thanks to that nice round tush Ria the Welder made for me.

What has been your favorite adventure you have taken on your bike?

I’ve put some serious miles on the Bonneville since I bought it in January 2017. It’s about to roll over to 14k miles and it’s only 14 months old. It’s been to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Big Bear, Joshua Tree (a couple of times), Palm Springs, San Felipe Mexico, pretty much all of Southern California. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the time Sanna and I rode to the Grand Canyon and back over a weekend without taking any time off work stands out the most. ( The last 100 miles were in a huge storm. Sanna’s air filter clogged with water and my Sena drowned, but the Triumph didn’t seem to think that 100 miles over a mountain in a downpour was a big deal.

Would you recommend your bike to other riders? Why?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! I looooooveeee my Triumph(s) and I loved the ones I had before. They have such cool character while being useful and sporty bikes. I may drag my pegs on the Bonneville all the time - but I also keep up with big cruisers on the freeway and can hit the occasional dirt road without concern. So if you need a bike that can be everything, the Bonneville is hard to beat.

Do you have any fun road trips planned?

DO I EVER! I’m plotting a two-week, 4000 mile round trip ride to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada this July. We’ll be going up via Utah and Yellowstone and heading back through Glacier National Park. I’m probably going to need to buy tires again before we hit the road.

Have you been to any Babes Ride Out events before? If so, what was your experience like?

My first Babes Ride Out was in 2016. I knew about the very first one, but I wasn’t able to actually make it until the 4th. It was AMAZING. I am totally sure I was in shock for my first time. It’s so deeply empowering to be surrounded by so many badass women on bikes. I’ve never felt so welcome and like such a part of something until Babes Ride Out. I came back for BRO5, and you can bet I’ll be there for 6!

Any recommendations for new riders?

Check out! We have a whole Riding 101 series aimed at new riders including what gear to get, how to learn, how to pick a first bike, and more. We also address reader questions.

 photo by Genevieve Davis

photo by Genevieve Davis

to learn more about the Triumph Bonneville T120 click HERE

To test ride a Triumph Bonneville T120 click HERE



Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 | Final Info

EventsAshmore Ellis

Ladies! We can’t wait to host you this weekend at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3! Here is some important info you'll want to know before you arrive Friday. 

1. Friendly reminder, gates are at noon, no early birds please :)

2. No need to print ticket (totally fine if you do) but we have you on the list.

3. When you arrive, you'll be flagged into registration. You must get your wrist band, bike band, and sign waiver before you enter the campgrounds. Once you have finished registration, our wonderful flaggers will be guiding you in and showing you where to park. Reminder that no cars are allowed in the motorcycle camping areas so if you have a chase, they’ll have to sherpa over your camping gear (don’t worry; it’s not far from car parking). There are no assigned spots but we have plenty of room for everyone J

4. We will have car passes on site for cash purchase for ANY ticket holding motorcyclists who decides to drive instead of ride. No need to switch “ticket” type or email us with your change of plans.


HELMETS ON AT ALL TIMES. This is a rule that is not only ours, but the campsites as well. Anyone caught riding without a helmet on the property, hot dogging or doing burn outs will be asked to leave. Thank you sooo much for your cooperation here!


Feel free to bring your own food for cooking, alcohol, whatever you like to help make your weekend more comfortable! The camp store sells wood and we will have group fires near the pavilion for you to enjoy.


  •  Food
  • Coffee
  • Babes Ride Out Merch
  • Tattoos
  • Donations for Maker's Market

The township of Narrowsburg is within walking distance and has gas, ATMS, grocery store, ice cream, restaurants, a really cool bar at the Narrowsburg Inn (HIGHLY recommend checking out, built in the 1840's, was a speakeasy & brothel during the prohibition....and haunted).

The campsite has a fully stock camp store with everything you want, need, and may have forgotten to pack. 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: ladies who did not buy a ticket (wristbands will be checked this year every time you re-enter the grounds), boyfriends, husbands, animals, kids, weapons of any kind (firearms, hatchets, bow and arrows, slingshots, BB guns,or anything that can be used as a weapon), no signs/banners, no eazy ups (sorry! it obstructs the natural beauty of the camp) no fireworks, no items to vend or handouts like stickers, buttons, flyers as we end up spending hours picking up these up as 99% of it gets trashed. Leave no trace :) Our security will be on patrol so please be kind when they ask you to put these items away or ask you and your uninvited "friend" to leave. Sadly these rules are in place for a reason but will be enforced to ensure EVERYONE has a great time! 

If you have not read the schedule of events, viewed the what to pack list, learned what food will be available for purchase on site, or checked out any of the event details, please do so by clicking HERE. We’ve consolidated everything for your viewing pleasure J

Ride safe ladies! Enjoy the journey and we will have an ice cold 805 beer waiting for you when you arrive - Babes Ride Out 


Photo by Yve Assad 

Miki Masuda and Her Triumph Bonneville T120 | Finding a Perfect Fit at 5'2

Ashmore Ellis

One thing we've learned from these interviews is that it is normal and totally ok to try out all bikes to find your perfect fit. Your height, weight, riding style, budget, and type of riding you'll be doing are all huge factors in making your decisions. For Miki, it came down to weight, height, style, and function. Standing at a proud 5'2, Miki has a  shorter inseam but she knew the seat height and front/rear suspensions are all manageable with the Triumph Bonneville T120. Sure, she may wear boots with a little bit of heel to reach the ground but she was able to make other modifications to make her feel comfortable to ride this beautiful machine. Get to know her and her top 30 reasons why motorcycles make her happy. 

  • Name:  Miki Masuda
  • Location:  Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles
  • Instagram Handle: @bikermiki 
 Miki at the Kill Bill Church

Miki at the Kill Bill Church

How long have you been riding motorcycles?

I rode motorcycles about 10 years when I was in Japan but I took a long break after I moved to the U.S. I moved to Los Angeles from New York over two years ago and bought Triumph Bonneville SE immediately because I wanted to join BRO. Since then, I have ridden more than 15,000 miles without commuting to work.

Why do you ride motorcycles?
There are many reasons why I ride a motorcycle. Here are my top 30 reasons to ride a motorcycle.

1.      Meditation - Clears my mind

2.      Find my Zen and inner peace

3.      Look cool. Being cool.

4.      Every picture with my bike will be very Instagramy goodness

5.      Downward peace sign

6.      Give the thumbs-up to a car driver who gives me space – Instant connection with the driver

7.      Save gas

8.      Save time in traffic - Lane-splitting is all about.

9.      Take the carpool lane

10.  Kids wave hands from a car and look at me like I am a superhero

11.  Dogs bark at me from a car and look like they want to bite my head off but I LOVE them all

12.  Living in the moment

13.  Freedom – Ignore all my adult problems

14.  Stress relief – A therapist and medications free

15.  Being real - You don’t know me if you’ve never seen me riding a motorcycle

16.  Road trips - Scenic rides are priceless

17.  Connect with nature

18.  Finding a Parking spot is easier

19.  Personalize a motorcycle is easily get done

20.  The fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair

21.  Helmet hair and hair tangles that look even fabulous

22.  Work out – Moving a bike is great exercise  

23.  An adrenaline rush

24.  Talking about bikes all day long

25.  Appreciate the things in your life

26.  Getting lost on purpose

27.  All bikers are friendly - Bikers respect bikers

28.  All bikers are family - Strangers are not strangers anymore if they are on a motorcycle

29.  Bikers are never lonely – A solo rider doesn’t mean I am lonely

30.  It’s motorcycle – There is a motorcycle, I ride it without any reasons actually

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past:

1)   Suzuki TU250. (its called Suzuki Volty in Japan). 250cc was a great beginner bike.

2)   Honda Shadow 400. It was a smooth transition from 250cc.

3)   2014 Triumph Bonneville SE. Look at it. Needed to get it. Period.

4)   2014 Triumph Bonneville T100. Since May 2017. LOVIN IT.

What first attracted you to Triumph?

Hands down, the classic retro/vintage style with modern technology! The gorgeous wire wheels, chromed shiny covers, two-tone paint, and gas tank shape, all just look right.

Triumph has been keeping its design for more than half a century. Many people told me “my grandpa used to have a Triumph exactly like that” How cool is that?! I want to say that to young people who ride Triumph when I get old.

Babes Ride Out Triumph Motorcycles 2.jpg

How did you know it was the bike for you?

Love at first sight. Done. I didn’t even test ride. I took one look at it, and then there was no turning back. Even though I fall in love with Bonneville, I worried about the seat height and weight of the bike. I am 5’2 with shorter inseams but I knew the seat height and front/rear suspensions are all manageable. I wear boots to reach the ground. I made other modifications to make me feel comfortable to ride. It comes to the weight, I have learned how to control the weight of the motorcycle. At the end, If you love something, you make it work!

Tell us what it is like to ride?
I find myself being far more aware of my surroundings when I ride. Feel the wind, hear the sound, smell the land, stress relief, a sense of freedom and more. When this all comes together it is incredibly liberating. I have never experienced boredom while riding a bike. No matter how bad my day is, riding a motorcycle never failed to make me feel better. Every single time I get on my bike, it’s truly privileged.

 Photo credit:  @victoryjon

Photo credit: @victoryjon

What made you choose your model over the other Triumph Models?
The classic retro/vintage style with modern technology! I love vintage bikes but don’t have enough skills to built either maintain vintage bikes. I couldn’t even see any other bikes. The price is very reasonable so she was my perfect fit.

I rode 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120 and it’s very smooth and steady throttle, 6-speed, ABS and bigger engine. This is the bike that I’m currently very interested.

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your new bike?

Every time when I ride my Triumph, it becomes an adventure but my favorite adventures with Triumph were;

1)      A trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. It was a day that I thought I saw a UFO or some kind of missile attack was happening but that was the SpaceX rocket launch was happening nearby. I was riding a bike on the Coronado Bridge and freaked out about what I was seeing.

2)      The 2017 Los Angeles California Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was the biggest group ride that I had ever joined. Countless of riders dressed up and rode motorcycles to raise money for prostate cancer research, men's mental health and suicide prevention help.

 Photo credit: IG  @jskmotoco

Photo credit: IG @jskmotoco

Do you have any fun road trips planned?:

I don’t have a solid plan yet but I completed a two-week solo cross-country trip from Florida to California last year. I met so many bikers on the trip! Started this trip by myself but I was always riding with bikers who I met on the road. That experience was absolutely amazing. I have visited 40 statues in the U.S. so far.

Ideally, my next trip would be visiting statues that I have never been such as Alaska and Colorado.  

 Photo credit: IG  @dla8

Photo credit: IG @dla8

Tell us about your experience at Babes Ride Out?

The first time, I joined BRO was in 2016. I didn’t have any female rider friends since I was new to Los Angeles. I searched a group ride and found about BRO. I joined a group ride to Joshua Tree and met cool girls who I still connect with. Over thousands motorcycle girls from all over the world in one place and riding with bunch of girls riders were so fresh and amazing.  It was all new experience to me. BRO is more than a motorcycle campout. It’s a community for women to come together.

Last year, I reconnected with my original BRO girls from 2016 and met more new girls. Most of the girls that I talked to are super friendly and very welcoming.  Every year, I meet more girls and connect with them. And I love BRO merchandise lol  Designs are amazing.

Want the specs on the Triumph Bonneville T120? Click HERE
Want to book a test ride on this bike? Click HERE

Babes Ride Out Triumph Feature 6.jpg



Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Artist SeriesAshmore Ellis

Alright ladies! The official flash sheets for Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 are I-N! The tattooers will be kicking off their sessions at 2:00 pm Friday and 4:00pm Sat until they get burned out :)  It's first come first serve but as always, they do the best they can to fit everyone in. Cruise the flash sheets and pick out your favorite BFF tattoo you plan on getting with your riding buds! 

Tracey Rose

Please give a warm welcome back to Tracey Rose and make sure to stop by her booth at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 to get on the list for a permanent souvenir! 

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Becca Blust

Becca is part of our amazing crew of tattooers that will be on site at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 to give you a permanent souvenir. Get to know her and see her work by scrolling down and viewing her flash. 

  • Name: Becca Blust
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @inkdog
  • Hometown/Location: Brattleboro, Vermont
Becca Blust Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Kat Noir

Our team has searched the EC realm to find ladies who can create one of a kind flash for this year's event which will post closer to the event for your viewing pleasure! Until then, meet our Kat Noir hailing from New York. 

  • Name: Kat Noir 
  • Instagram: @katnoirink
  • Location: Queens & Brooklyn NY
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Kelly Green

The best kind of souvenir is a permanent one!  Meet Kelly Green, an artist from Bolton, CT who has been tattooing for 16 years. When you arrive at camp, make a dash over to the tattoo booth and get on the list. We have more artists this year but as always, its first come first serve. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Michele Mazza

Michele began her tattoo career in 1996, after having attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. She had worked in the New Haven area for many years before joining her good friends Jim and Tracey at Lucky Soul at the new location in 2011. A

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash
Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Tattoo Flash

Meet Michele Mazza | Featured Tattoo Artist at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

Artist SeriesAshmore Ellis

We are thrilled to have 5 tattooer on site this year at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3. Meet Michele Mazza from Woodbridge Conneticut. It's Michele's first Babes Ride Out event so let's make sure to give her the warmest welcome. 

What do you do / for how long have you done it? I've been tattooing since 1997 with a bit of a break in between for a couple of years to stay home with my twins who are now 6.

What do you love most about what you do? I love meeting new people often and hearing their stories and designing a piece unique for them. I love that my job means I get to be creative most of the time!


Where do you come from and how did tattooing come into your life? I'm from CT but spent some time living in Fl, after leaving Ringling school of art and design in FL I came back home to seek out an apprenticeship and get more tattoos! I met an artist named Hens and was going to discuss my back piece with him.  He offered to apprentice me when I showed him my drawings and expressed my hope to find a mentor and learn to tattoo. After a traditional apprenticeship eventually I began working with him.

Tell us about motorcycles in your life. I had one years ago but I never stuck with it. I witnessed someone I knew crash and die right in front of me and I couldn't shake that image from my brain. I never felt comfortable on a bike after that and gave it up. 

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out? My friend and co worker Tracey Rose asked me to do it with her last year but I couldn't make it. This year I was hoping it would all work out! I love the idea of it, I love all of these awesome women who ride! I won't lie, I'll appreciate them and live vicariously through them from my minivan though! haha 

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? I think it's great that this event supports empowering women and just seems like a really great event overall!

file__storage_emulated_0_DCIM_Camera_20180303_180650 (1).jpg