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WLF Enduro X Babes in the Dirt 3

SponsorsAnya Violet

BRO x WLF - This year the [WLF] pack will be coming out to bring the heat…literally! We’ll be contributing all the firewood to keep you babes warm in the cold Gorman nights! We’ll have “The Den” rig on site with stickers on the bumper (free take one / you’re now part of the pack) & filled with firewood so please come up and take all you’d like to stay toasty. 

The WMN of WLF will be participating in the Husky demo class as well so if you see them give them a twist of the throttle to show the stoke. Also look for us on the trails in our “bumble bee” sleeve strips, we are here to lend a helping hand if need be but mostly for trail high fives and hill climb hoots!

WLF is fired up to be a part of the BRO / BID3 and can’t wait to see all you ripping ladies out on the dirt doing what you do best…peace, love and 2 or 4 stroke smoke!! 


We are of humble beginnings from the hills and deserts of Southern California. Some of us have been riding and racing dirt bikes from birth, others of us picked up the sport later in life. What started as a handful of rag-tag teachers, salesmen and construction workers has turned into a PACK of riders connected around the globe. From Dual Sport/ADV bikes, technical Off-Road, Enduro riding, or just plain old black top we love it all. We are brought together by moto-comradery and the passion of exploring life on two wheels.


Besides physically riding any chance we get we do have a passion for shedding a positive light on the adventure and exploration on two wheels. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality moto-documentation that is safe for the entire family. Our audience ranges from the 3-year-old ripper on a 50cc to the 80-year-old vet on a 1200 adventure bike, and everyone in-between should be able to experience the joy of twisting the throttle.


Outreach: Giving back to the community is one of our key pillars at [WLF]. We're very fortunate to be able to enjoy this amazing sport and community and want to continuously show we are grateful to be a part of it. We work to partner with charity organizations and events to help those in need. We are a family, a PACK, and part of something greater than all of us, its truly a blessing.  

Events: Our team is active in nearly every local ride possible. We respect the handwork put in to seeing up these events and value the opportunity to participate. From charity events to visiting the local District 37 meetings we strive to give back to the moto-community.

Recent Event Participation: D-37 Ride for Kids & LA - Barstow to Vegas, Silly Sisters Shoe Drive (Local foster community), Big Bear Trail Riders Events, OC Dualies Events, Cal Poly Hi-Mountain DS & MSR Saboba Rides. 

Come & be a part of the pack, all are welcome, together we ride;


I got to ride with this crew a couple of weeks ago and we had an absolute blast! Check it out! Shot on the Sena 10C

Artist Series | Jenna Blazevich

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

I’m Jenna Blazevich, and I’m the founder / one-woman-show / head-Vich-in-charge of Vichcraft Design Studio in Chicago, Illinois. I launched Vichcraft in January of 2015, two months after I turned 25, and had just turned down a full-time offer at my dream job. The focus of Vichcraft has always been to use lettering in meaningful ways. It began with creating branding systems and logotypes for small businesses and non-profits that create work that I am proud to collaborate with and beautify the visual identity of. About a year into running Vichcraft as a design-service business, I designed and fabricated an initial run of “Tough Little Bitches / Self-Employed” patches, and those attracted enough interest for me to justify another run, and to also design another product, and I began to slowly grow a product design facet of my business. 

At this point, I split my time four ways: 1. Client projects: creating logotypes and branding, 2. Shop: designing, packaging, shipping, and customer service for my line of products, 3. Workshops: planning, hosting, and promoting 1-2 calligraphy workshops per month in my Chicago studio, 4. Events: vending at craft fairs, collaborating on pop-ups, giving talks at conferences and schools. It’s a lot for one person, and it’s a challenge to make everything appear cohesive, but using lettering to spread messages that I am passionate about is what links every part of Vichcraft together.

In the summer of 2016, I finally got my m-class, which was a longtime goal of mine. My dad has been riding Harleys since I was a kid, and my boyfriend Chris works on and rides vintage motorcycles nearly year-round (which is pretty unusual with Chicago weather). My commute to the studio was most often being done on my bicycle, and being a cyclist in Chicago is freeing and empowering but absolutely takes some grit. There is a sense of solidarity that I feel with other cyclists who brave the streets of Chicago, and motorcyclists get to experience something similar. Motorcycle culture is overwhelmingly masculine, so I’ve been inspired personally and creatively by the groups of women who have carved out their own place in it: Babes Ride Out being an outstanding example of this. I attended my first B.R.O. in October of 2016 in Joshua Tree, Calif., and it was really special.

In January of 2017, I curated my first solo show of most of the work I’ve made while running Vichcraft over the past two years. The show is in the gallery space of the Cards Against Humanity building in Chicago. The show is titled: "Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum" (which is a reference to the Handmaid's Tale, and means "Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down"). Since female motorcycle-ridership had already inspired a lot of my work and my development as an artist, my boyfriend and I took a 1972 Honda CL 350 and completely took it apart, stripped, painted and updated it to display at the show. As a final detail, I painted "Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum" surrounded by original Handmaid’sTale-inspired linework on the tank.

For the B.R.O. East Coast 2 shirts and patches, I wanted to create a logotype that had some similar qualities to my signature “Girls to the Front” lettering: motion, power, originality. Working on the lettering and accompanying illustration of a woman on a Triumph was one of the most fun things I’ve worked on this year. Also, I’m thrilled to have been asked to contribute to this year’s Biltwell helmet raffle. In the past, I’ve painted my “Girls to the Front” lettering on some helmets and jackets of my own to sell and to keep, but I’m aiming to do something more intricate and line-heavy like the Handmaid’s Tale CL tank to contribute to the raffle.


EventsAshmore Ellis

Fox Womens is proud to host another Gear Demo for Babes who’d like to test out our MX product. You’ll be able to demo our Womens Comp 5 Boot, V1/V2 Helmets, and Chest Protectors. Before signing up, here’s a little information on our product. 

The Women’s Comp 5 Boot sports a female-specific fit with less calf volume and a shorter overall height, making it the premier women’s race boot on the market. It uses the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness to provide all-day comfort, while plastic shin plates give you excellent coverage and support. The alloy buckles are easy to operate and provide a secure closure every time. 

"The boots are probably the most comfortable women’s MX boots I've ever ridden in." -

"The boots are probably the most comfortable women’s MX boots I've ever ridden in."

The Fox V1 Helmet features an injected molded polycarbonate shell construction. This proven design provides dependable protection from debris and falls. Optimal airflow, a plush liner, and an exceptional fit contribute to the helmets phenomenal comfort. It also features an advanced ventilation system to keep you cool, calm, and focused. With nine intake and four exhaust vents, the helmet provides a rush of fresh air as you ride and allows heat and moisture to escape.

The Fox V1 MX Helmet features an injected molded polycarbonate shell construction. This proven design provides dependable protection from debris and falls. Optimal airflow, a plush liner, and an exceptional fit contribute to the helmets phenomenal comfort.

The Fox V1 MX Helmet features an injected molded polycarbonate shell construction. This proven design provides dependable protection from debris and falls. Optimal airflow, a plush liner, and an exceptional fit contribute to the helmets phenomenal comfort.

The FOX V2 is expertly crafted inside and out, providing reliable protection and a graphically stunning design. The helmet exceeds both 22.05 and D.O.T certifications. A fiberglass shell provides durability, and a dual density EPS liner offers trustworthy defense should you end up taking a soil sample. It has exceptional ventilation to prevent overheating on warm days at the track. Ten intake and four exhaust vents provide fresh air and allow heat to escape. This system supplies cooling relief from the smoldering heat.

With its best-in-class coverage and updated chassis style, the Womens Chest Protector delivers ample roost coverage to female riders. Featuring a body hugging, race-form fit and stylish graphics. It has a polycarbonate chest, back, and shoulder construction, with low profile shoulder cups. Its fully adjustable and removable padded arm guards, as well as adjustable shoulder connections for custom fit. 

With its best-in-class coverage and updated chassis style, the Women's R3 deflector delivers ample roost coverage to female riders. Featuring a body hugging and race-form fit. 

With its best-in-class coverage and updated chassis style, the Women's R3 deflector delivers ample roost coverage to female riders. Featuring a body hugging and race-form fit. 

All product will be demoed as a first come first serve basis, so make sure to stop by the Fox Womens Booth to sign up. 

Fox Womens has generously offered a code for 25% off all clothing and gear so you can get suited and booted. Enter code  FOXBABES25 at checkout. Click HERE to load up on pants, jersey, helmet, gloves, track jackets, and anything else you need for the dirt. 

Babes in the Dirt 3 Event Schedule

EventsAshmore Ellis



The main event site holds 250 people and only has 50 vehicle passes. If you miss out on getting the pass at the front entrance, you’ll have to pay the park directly and park outside the gated event area. The fee is $10 per vehicle to stay the night or $5 for day pass which you will purchase at any park entrance. We have also reserved the Sterling Group site across the way for all overflow (it will be clearly marked). This area is walking distance to main event so you can walk or ride over easily. PLEASE carpool to help make room for all campers.

Bike rentals are SOLD OUT at this time but feel free to check in with Gorman Powersports to see if anyone has cancelled.


HUSKY DEMO SCHEDULE HAS BEEN E-MAILED OUT SO IF YOU SIGNED UP PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL. If you missed out on sign ups and want to demo, check in at the Husqvarna booth on site to see if there are any cancellations or openings. 

There will be food available for purchase from the food truck, click HERE to see menu and prices. CASH ONLY. There are no grills on site. All burn units will be in use as fire pits. We kindly ask that each car/truck brings 1 bundle of firewood to contribute to the bonfire. There is no water or electricity anywhere in the park. Please make sure to bring enough water for the entire weekend and extra toilet paper (trust us). 

The weather can be unpredictable out there so make sure to check the weather and plan accordingly!


Friday April 28th

12 PM SHARP: Gates open to guests. Everyone MUST sign a waiver and get a wristband.

1:45PM: MANDATORY Riders Meeting at pavilion. (for those who have arrived)

2pm: Husky Demo

4pm: Husky Demo

6pm: Husky Demo

5 PM Food available for purchase

7 PM STANCE Smores

8 PM Karaoke Qualifiers  

10 PM Unwind, quiet campfire hangs,  time to rest up for the next day of riding

Saturday April 29th

7 AM Breakfast / coffee for purchase

9:30 am: MANDATORY Riders Meeting at pavilion. Intros to Fox / Husqvarna / Stance  / SEE SEE / Thousand Oak Powersports.

10am: Husky Demo

12pm: Husky Demo

2pm: Husky Demo

4pm: Husky Demo

6pm: Husky Demo

(Lunch & snacks for purchase all day)

5:00 Dinner for purchase

6:00 See See Motorcycle Games

8:00 Karaoke Round 2 | WINNER’S CIRCLE

10 PM Unwind, quiet campfire hangs.

Sunday April 30th

8am-10am: Husky open Demo’s

11am: Pack up and go home. See you next year!

Corinne Hall & Her Stetson

PeopleAnya Violet

With over 150 years of rich history behind them, Stetson is an iconic American brand that is ever evolving and forever timeless. From true western cowboys, to Hollywood elite to U.S. presidents, these hats have brimmed the heads of many throughout history. We are proud to be supported by Stetson and show you a glimpse of the women in our community that have  a true personal connection to this brand. - Babes Ride Out

Corinne is one of the best examples of why I truly love the moto community. She is one of the nicest humans you will ever meet and exudes a kind of cool that is so authentic that she is not even aware of how cool she is and will be so embarrassed even read about (haha sorry Corinne, I can see her blushing now). When I first met Corinne I think that we probably struck up a conversation at one of the Hell on Wheels events drooling over vintage dirt bikes. It didn't take long for me to notice her amazing collection of vintage treasures as we kept running into each other at local moto gatherings. From bikes, to trucks, to perfectly worn trucker jackets; there was a story behind every piece! We got to catch up with Corinne and hear the story behind her love for Stetson hats. 

Hi my name is Corinne, I live in Southern California. I ride a few different vintage Hondas but for long distance rides I take my 2014 Triumph T100 Bonneville. I rode dirt (Honda & Yamaha) bikes in my childhood since my Dad had a few in his lifetime along with many other toys with his 6 brothers who all enjoyed kicking up dirt or basically shredding in any environment be it snow in nearby mtns or skiing at the lake in Arizona. We always had toys to play on or crash on!  I grew up in a very outdoorsy family which probably comes from our grandparents lifestyles of early farming which also translates to their love and respect for nature. My passion for motorcycles got sparked again in my fuck-it 40’s...I literally hadn’t ridden since I was a kid so I started scootin’ about on a small 74 Honda cb200 then moved up to a 76 unfortunately needed alot of work and I wanted to hit the road and go on trips! So just another valid excuse to get a new (& reliable) bike, so I purchased the Bonneville. (It was literally the 1st brand new thing I had ever bought off a lot) My Dad had a Triumph in the 60’s so I was already a bit partial to them. Then later, I was feeling like I was missing the dirt so I found a cheap ‘88 Honda XR200 to play on. With all these bikes, I guess, I was making up for lost time from my childhood and wanting to make my Dad proud that I took up his passion of riding.

A major thanks to the Babes Ride Out gals, I have made several friends and the impact of their encouragement is life changing! It’s all very surreal, I would not have thought a few years ago I would have owned a motorcycle or several. I blame the community of all the amazing strong women I have met, which is a good thing, we all need a push sometimes to get out of our comfort zone. There are so many fond memories of the past 3 BRO events but I think one moment stands out...I was tossing back a few beers enjoying the music and suddenly having a moment of clarity and you stop & look around & just absorb your surroundings & realize how fucking awesome this event is...the city of tents...the sea of women...the hoards of motorcycles from all over the country...I mean think about it, has this ever happened before? Staging this event in the desert just amplifies the energy we as a community exude, its truly a magical place! It has been awesome watching this event grow into what it is ...and now Babes in the Dirt, UK and East Coast...what’s next ladies!?? Can we go to the moon? Actually a moon ride would be my dream, haha! Ok reality check, I would love to do a trip through Europe.  Seeing countryside & experience some ancient historical sights has always been on my bucket list but on a motorcycle would be a dream!

How do I describe my style? I’m a pretty simple jeans & t-shirt kinda gal. I like to mix in vintage finds whether it be a 70’s tshirt or buckle. Also I think I’ve pick up a few style elements from both my G-pa’s, haha. They were old school hard working farmers then engineers later in life. I love a good bandana and cowboy hat to add a little flair to a plain outfit. They both always rocked their own style in choosing a cowboy hat...10 gallon or slightly cocked to the side. So wearing my Stetson is like an ode to my family history. One would walk into our family cabin and see the hat rack they built was full of them...old and new...straw and felt. I remember as kids we always wanted to wear our Dads hats and would run off and play in them despite how ridiculously huge they were on our heads. A brand & style of hat has always been important choice to me much like choosing a motorcycle. Stetson just has such rich history personally and embodies the Wild West and I feel like I am carrying on a family tradition by wearing mine! I was drawn to the style “Open Road” instantly because of its smaller classic profile & of course the silver belly color...It was a vintage find and luckily it fit my pea sized head, so it was meant to be! I also have a Cattleman that I love too, its vintage and the previous owner put their mark on it by bending the brim a bit squared off, I recall that style of creasing from the 70’, haha, which makes me recall how much Smokey and the Bandit had a huge influence on my style choices, those movies were my faves growing up. You always feel a bit different wearing a hat...a bit taller...a bit more pride in your step...or tap it up to one side like my G-Pa and you feel a little bit sassier than usual! I have always been obsessed with hats and the style they add to your wardrobe. Depending on your mood or bad hair day I believe you can change your outlook by wearing a good hat!!!

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Photo by Lindsay Lohden

Alegria Food Truck at Babes in the Dirt 3

EventsAnya Violet

To have a successful day Braaaping in the dirt with friends you need to keep your body fueled. This year at Babes in the Dirt 3 we are so excited to bring you the yummiest food truck we could find!!! No need to pack food throughout the weekend or do a run to the McDonalds EW!, Alegria has got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner all weekend! Check out the menu below! Make sure to bring cash as the truck is CASH ONLY!

Here at Alegría Gourmet Food Truck, we consider ourselves “Professional Foodies”– we love the idea of trying new flavors, dishes, and recipes in the company of our family and friends. We believe that there is no greater pleasure than that of great food. For us, the most important of the five senses is taste.

After observing the large amounts of preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, etc. that are added to the food we eat today, we developed the idea to offer an exquisite menu without these added chemicals.

The person to whom we have entrusted this task to is award-winning chef Kalissa Krejcik, who defines herself as: “[A] craving-driven food obsessive artist and owner of C & M Cafe in West Los Angeles. I’ve been in the industry for 26 years from front of the house service, management, and dishwasher to executive chef and consultant. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu California School of Culinary Arts and cook fresh American style fair with rich European influence.

I believe in fresh, clean, beautiful and flavorful food that is affordable and approachable for all. I believe in a happy and fulfilling work environment where service is king and where the word “no” is not used.

Food is an expression of my love, food is life”.

Kalissa (our friend and Executive Chef) did a wonderful job of creating a delicious menu that combines some of the best flavors of American and Mexican cuisine; always using ingredients without hormones or antibiotics, and with special emphasis on organic and locally grown products. With this approach, we are not only looking after the health of our guests, but also supporting the local economy and reducing the impact of our carbon footprint on the environment.

Whether you put taste first or prefer lighter food options, our menu caters to a wide range of dining lifestyles with many items under 600 calories. Regardless of diet preferences, our guests can be confident that all of our dishes are prepared fresh with organic, locally grown ingredients free of hormones and antibiotics.

Alegría was born from the desire to find delicious dishes that are guilt-free, nutritious, and that excite the appetite.


Alegría Gourmet Food Truck